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Tri Clamp Sizing

March 22, 2024 2 min read

Tri Clamp Sizing

Measurements of Tri Clamp Connections

Tri Clamp connections are crucial components in sanitary applications, ensuring leak-proof seals and ease of assembly. Understanding the measurements associated with Tri Clamp fittings is essential for selecting the appropriate components for a given application. The key measurements include:

  1. Tube Outer Diameter (OD): The outer diameter of the tubing or pipe to which the Tri Clamp connection will be attached. This measurement determines the size of the Tri Clamp ferrule required for a proper fit.

  2. Flange Outer Diameter (OD): The outer diameter of the flange portion of the Tri Clamp ferrule. This measurement corresponds to the size of the mating flange or fitting.

  3. Clamp Size: The nominal size of the Tri Clamp, which refers to the diameter of the clamp when fully closed around the ferrule and gasket.

Tri Clamp Sizes Chart

Below is a chart outlining common Tri Clamp sizes for tube outer diameters ranging from 3/4 inch to 10 inches:

Tube OD (inches) Flange OD (inches) Clamp Size (inches)
3/4" 1.984" 1.5"
1" 1.984" 1.5"
1.5" 1.984" 1.5"
2" 2.516" 2"
2.5" 3.047" 2.5"
3" 3.579" 3"
3.5" 4.110" 3.5"
4" 4.641" 4"
6" 6.570" 6"
8" 8.570" 8"
10" 10.570" 10"


    Accurate measurement is essential when selecting Tri Clamp fittings to ensure compatibility and a proper seal. By referencing the provided chart and understanding the measurements involved, users can confidently select the appropriate Tri Clamp components for their specific application, whether in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, or biotech industries. Tri Clamp connections continue to be valued for their reliability, ease of use, and ability to meet the rigorous standards of sanitary applications.