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  • How to Change Seals in an SPX Pump: A Step-by-Step Guide

    December 15, 2023 2 min read

    This article will guide you through the process of disassembling and changing the seals in an SPX pump. Whether you're dealing with squealing, leakage, or simply replacing the carbon seal, we've got you covered.

    Step 1: Disassembly Before you start, ensure the pump is powered off. Disconnect any power source, whether it's from the control panel or the breaker. The only tool you'll need for this job is an allen key set.

    1. Undo the nut on the safety cage bolt and remove the safety cage.
    2. Loosen the Tri clamp to detach the pump head.
    3. With the pump head removed, loosen the impeller by putting pressure on the back plate. Remove the pin, back plate, and the carbon seal assembly, consisting of the carbon seal, o-ring, spring, and rotary seal.

    Step 2: Spring Tension Adjustment Adjust the spring tension to achieve the desired tension against the backplate.

    1. Locate the spring collar and use the allen key to adjust the two set screws as needed.
    2. If there's leakage, raise it forward, and if there's squealing, bring it back to loosen the spring tension.
    3. Once adjusted, tighten the set screws, and you're ready for the next step.

    Step 3: Seal Reassembly Now, it's time to put the carbon seal and rotary seal back into place.

    1. Place the o-ring into the back of the carbon seal.
    2. Insert the carbon seal into the rotary seal, ensuring the spring is around the rotary seal.
    3. Match the notch on the shaft with the peg on the carbon seal while placing it back.
    4. Attach the back plate to hold tension and slide it around the pegs.

    Step 4: Assembly Set the color and put the impeller back onto the shaft.

    1. Ensure the shaft is set with the hole on the horizontal side.
    2. Place the pin to prevent it from impeding the impeller.
    3. Put pressure on the back plate and carefully turn until the pin drops into place.
    4. Release the tension, and the spring will keep it in position.

    Step 5: Pump Head Reassembly Now, it's time to put the pump head back on.

    1. Set the impeller in place, ensuring it's aligned properly.
    2. Secure the pump head with the Tri clamp, adjusting the pump head as needed.
    3. Once the Tri clamp is secure, reattach the safety cage.

    Congratulations! Your SPX pump is now reassembled. You can safely bring power back to your pump, and if you encounter any issues, feel free to contact the Deutsche Beverage Service team for assistance.