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Shop our collection of sanitary pressure gauges, combining analog gauges and IFM pressure sensors. The analog gauges offer reliable, easy-to-read pressure measurements, while the IFM sensors provide advanced technology and precise readings. Designed for sanitary environments, these gauges ensure accurate pressure monitoring in breweries and other sanitary processing equipment. Upgrade your brewery operations with our collection, maintaining optimal pressure levels and ensuring high-quality brews.
PI2798 Electronic Pressure Sensor $782.50
E33208 Process adapter Tri-Clamp $82.00
PI2796 Electronic Pressure Sensor $782.50
E33401 Process adapter Tri-Clamp $86.00
PI2794 Flush pressure sensor with display $782.50
PV7604 Electronic Pressure Monitor $176.50
PI2896 Electronic Pressure Sensor $782.50
PI2204 Electronic Pressure Sensor $996.00