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    Comprehensive collection of valves designed to meet the exacting standards of the brewing and sanitary processing industries. This versatile assortment encompasses a wide range of valve types to cater to diverse needs. From the efficient control of fluid flow to safeguarding the integrity of your processes, our collection includes solenoid valves for precise automation of steam and glycol, ball valves for straightforward on-off control, butterfly valves for streamlined regulation, pneumatic butterfly valves for enhanced automation capabilities, diaphragm valves for superior sealing and durability, sample valves for accurate testing, and a plethora of valve replacement parts to ensure the smooth operation of your systems. Whether you're a microbrewery, a large-scale beverage manufacturer, or involved in any sanitary process, our valves offer the dependable performance you need to maintain the highest quality and consistency in your operations.

    With an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, our valve collection is meticulously designed to meet the stringent hygiene and operational requirements of the brewing and sanitary industries. Crafted from premium materials and engineered with precision, our valves are not just components; they are the cornerstone of your process integrity. Whether it's maintaining the purity of your brew, ensuring the efficient transfer of fluids, or automating critical functions with precision, our valves and replacement parts are the trusted choice for professionals seeking excellence in every aspect of their operations. Elevate your brewing and sanitary processes to new heights of efficiency, reliability, and quality with our diverse and dependable valve collection – the essential toolkit for those who demand the best in their craft.

    3/4" Steam Solenoid Valve $317.97
    3/4" Glycol Solenoid Valve $236.25
    1" Steam Solenoid Valve $477.25
    1" Glycol Solenoid Valve $443.75
    1.25" Steam Solenoid Valve $709.25
    1.5" Steam Solenoid Valve $843.75
    Pigtail Sample Coil $99.99
    8W 24V DC Solenoid Electrical Coil $46.97
    12W 24V DC Solenoid Electrical Coil $60.97
    14W 24V DC Solenoid Electrical Coil $117.49
    Cable Grip Connector $14.19
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