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Deutsche Beverage + Process have partnered with Lallemand Brewing to offer premium brewing yeast for your operation. Lallemand Brewing, a pioneer in the industry since the 1970s, brings decades of expertise and a diverse range of premium brewing yeast and bacteria strains under the LalBrew® product line. These yeasts offer unparalleled consistency, reliability, and purity, enabling brewers to exercise their creativity and achieve precise aromatic and flavor profiles with every batch. Backed by a global team of technical experts, these easy-to-use yeasts empower both startups and industry leaders to attain their fermentation goals effortlessly. Additionally, Deutsche Beverage + Process, a trusted name in custom-designed processing solutions, ensures you have access to award-winning products and optimal efficiency for your brewing ventures. Explore our comprehensive selection of brewing yeast products and elevate your brewing process with the Deutsche Beverage + Process difference.

Discover the perfect brewing yeast strains for your craft beer, spirits, or other beverage endeavors with Lallemand Brewing and Deutsche Beverage + Process. Our combined expertise and dedication to quality guarantee consistency and reliability that exceed industry standards. Whether you're a seasoned brewer or just beginning your journey, our partnership is here to support your success.

LalBrew Abbaye Belgian Style Ale Yeast (500g) $176.00
LalBrew Diamond Lager Yeast (500g) $193.00
LalBrew Farmhouse Brewers Yeast (500g) $211.00
LalBrew Munich Classic Wheat Beer Yeast (500g) $193.00
LalBrew Nottingham Ale Yeast (500g) $165.00
LalBrew NovaLager Brewers Yeast (500g) $215.00
Lalbrew Verdant IPA Brewing Yeast $184.00
LalBrew Voss Kveik Ale Yeast (500g) $184.00
LalBrew Windsor British Style Ale Yeast (500g) $176.00
LalBrew Wit Belgian Wit Style Yeast (500g) $193.00
Sourvisiae Lactic-Producing Yeast (500g) $224.00
WildBrew Sour Pitch Bacteria (250g) $162.00
WildBrew Helveticus - (250g) $165.00
WildBrew Philly Sour Yeast (500g) $205.00
Aromazyme Enzyme (100g) $59.50