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Brewhouse Components

Our brewhouse components are designed to provide reliable and high-performing solutions for your brewery. From carbonation stones and sparge nozzles to manway hinges and wort grants, we offer a wide range of products to meet all of your brewing needs. All of our brewhouse components are made from high-quality materials and are designed for ease of use and durability. Choose us for all of your brewhouse component needs and take your brewery to the next level.
O2 Stone Gasket, Silicone $10.00
Sparge Nozzles $20.00
Tank Door Wingnut M16 $45.00
MLT Door Wingnut M22 $45.00
16mm retaining clips for manway bolts $4.00
Glass Manway Hinge Spring $20.00
Wort Grant Glass $100.00
Wort Grant $625.00
Lauter Floor Keys $10.00
Panel Door Key $6.00
Level Gauge Mouth Valve $89.00
Hop Funnel Tri-Clamp Connection 6" $450.00
Tank Foot Peg, M20 (120mm length) $12.00
Tank Foot Peg, M27 (100mm length) $15.00
Tank Foot Peg, M36 (120mm length) $18.00
Tank Foot Plate, 4" (100mm) $50.00
Tank Foot Plate, 5" (120mm) $50.00
Tank Foot Plate, 6" (150mm) $55.00
Tank Foot Plate, 8" (200mm) $55.00
Tank Foot Plate, 9" (220mm) $120.00
Tank Foot Plate, 10" (250mm) $150.00
Tank Foot Plate, 12" (300mm) $215.00
Vorlauf Diverter Plate $45.00
1.5" Tri Clamp Float Valve $60.00
1.5" Diaphragm Valve, EPDM $154.00
6" Dry Hop Doser $1,050.00
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