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  • Fermenter "Uni-tank"

    Call for Pricing: 704-900-6606

    Stock Tanks: 5-60 BBL
    Custom Tanks: 2-500 BBL
    Sight Glass and Carbstone
    Dimple Plate Jacket Glycol Insulation Layer
    Dual glycol zoned Jacket
    CIP Rotating Spray Ball
    20%-30% Headspace
    60° Cone and Racking Arm
    Welded Thermowell

    Deutsche Beverage uni-tank fermenters are designed specifically to meet exclusive and assorted brewing requirements. Whether small or large volume, our knowledge of the brewing process, customization capabilities and quality craftsmanship combine to satisfy the needs of the all brewers. Our industry-leading fermenting uni-tank; available ranging in size from 2 BBL to 500 BBL. They can be used for fermentation purposes and have the ability for carbonation.

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    Certified and Quality Tested 304 stainless-steel material. Sanitary construction. 100% TIG welded joints and seams with sanitary interior polish.

    All Tanks and Jackets are inspected, and pressure tested before being shipped out.

    Tanks are insulated with high efficiency polyurethane foam.

    Deutsche will custom fabricate your tanks to meet your brewery’s space and height restrictions. Contact us to learn more about the customizations that are available.