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  • Trolley Pump

    Call for Pricing: 704-900-6606

    2HP or 3HP C Series SPX Pumps
    Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and Controls
    Non-Marking Wheels
    1.5" Tri-Clamp Connections
    Compact Design
    304 Brushed Stainless Steel Frame

    A trolley pump is a type of portable pump that is commonly used in a brewery setting to transfer liquids, such as wort or beer, from one vessel to another. The trolley pump is mounted on a mobile cart or trolley, which allows it to be easily moved around the brewery. Includes a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) which allows you to control the flow rate. UL Listed Motor.

    The trolley pump is often used in the brewhouse, where wort is transferred from the mash tun to the boil kettle, and from the boil kettle to the fermenter or bright tank. The pump is also used in the packaging area to transfer beer from a bright tank or aging tank to a bottling or kegging line.

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