Tilting Hop Infuser

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Fully enclosed inline capable
Design allows for easy removal of spent hops
Sealed vessel design
Custom screen mesh sizing
Standard sizes 100, 200, and 300L.
Custom sizes available

The “hop infuser” is used by many to add hoppy flavor and aroma creating a customized tasty beverage. It can be used on main brew house or Cellar. Offered in 100, 200 and 300 L sizes.

The main purpose of a hop infuser is to transfer delicate hop oils and aromas that would otherwise be boiled off in the process. The technique is used for many ales and related styles where a hoppy aroma is desirable.

You are not limited to the use of hops; as you can use orange peels, cucumbers, mint, etc. The flavors and tastes you can infuse are limitless. The Tilting Hop Infuser is the perfect accessory to add tasty customized flavor to your beverages.

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