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LalBrew Abbaye Belgian Style Ale Yeast (500g)



LalBrew Abbaye™ is an ale yeast of Belgian origin. Selected for its ability to ferment Belgian style beers ranging from low to high alcohol, LalBrew Abbaye™ produces the spiciness and fruitiness typical of Belgian and Trappist style ales. When fermented at higher temperatures, typical flavors and aromas include tropical, spicy and banana. At lower temperatures, LalBrew Abbaye™ produces darker fruit aromas and flavors of raisin, date, and fig. Traditional styles brewed with this yeast include but are not limited to Belgian White, Belgian Blonde, Belgian Golden, Dubbel, Tripel, and Quad.


Attenuation 77-83%
Fermentation Range 17 - 25°C (63 - 77°F)
Flocculation Medium
Alcohol Tolerance 14% ABV
Pitch Rate 500-100 g/hL
Species S. Cerevisae


Microbiological Properties

Classified as Saccharomyces, a top fermenting yeast.
Typical Analysis of LalBrew Abbaye™ Yeast:

Percent Solids



≥ 5 x 10 CFU per gram of dry yeast

Wild Yeast < 1 per 10 yeast cells
Wild Yeast Media

This strain is known to grow on some wild yeast media including




< 1 per 10 yeast cells

Brewing Properties

In Lallemand’s Standard Conditions Wort at 20°C (68°F) LalBrew Abbaye™ yeast exhibits:

  • Vigorous fermentation that can be completed in 4 days.
  • High attenuation and Medium to High Flocculation.
  • Aroma and flavor is fruity and spicy with a hint of alcohol.
  • This strain is POF Positive.
  • The optimal temperature range for LalBrew Abbaye™ yeast when producing traditional styles is 17 - 25°C (63 - 77°F).

Lag phase, total fermentation time, attenuation and avor are dependent on pitch rate,
yeast handling, fermentation temperature and nutritional quality of the wort.