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  • G&D Digital Temperature Controller


    Digital temp controller designed for precise temperature management in the brewing industry. This advanced Chiller Control Panel features an easy-to-read digital display and intuitive arrow up/down controls, making temperature adjustments simple and efficient.


    • Nema4 Digital Temperature Controller
    • Temperature sensor
    • Solenoid valve with 100V Coil
    Solenoid size

    Key Features:

    • Versatile Control Voltages: Available in multiple control voltages to suit various system requirements.
    • Networking Capabilities: Optional networking capabilities for seamless integration with existing systems.
    • NEMA4 Digital Temperature Control: Includes a robust NEMA4 digital temperature control with sensor for accurate temperature readings.
    • ASCO Solenoid Valve: Equipped with an ASCO 3/4" or 1" solenoid valve, ensuring reliable and consistent flow control. Features a 110V coil for enhanced performance and efficiency.

    Designed for versatility, the G&D Digital Temperature Controller is typically used to manage the flow of glycol from a chiller to a fermenter or brite tank, maintaining the optimal temperature of the liquid inside. While it excels in brewing applications, its use is not limited to this industry, making it an ideal choice for various temperature control needs.