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CIP Cart

Call for Pricing: 704-900-6606

100L and 300L Options
Single or Dual Vessel Desgin
2HP or 3HP C Series SPX Pumps
Variable Frequency Drive Controls
Electrical Heating Element with Temp Controls
1.5" Tri-Clamp Process Piping and Valves
A CIP (Clean-In-Place) cart is a mobile unit used for cleaning and sanitizing equipment and pipelines in food and beverage processing plants. The cart contains a tank for holding cleaning solution, pumps for circulating the solution through the equipment, and control valves for regulating the flow of the solution. The CIP cart is used to thoroughly clean and sanitize equipment without the need to disassemble or take it offline, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency in the cleaning process. Equipped with a recirculation and heating system to increase cleaning efficiency. Additional functionality as independent trolley pump.
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