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1.5" Spunding Valve


Adjustable Pressure Relief Valve otherwise known as Spunding Valve. This valve is adjustable from 0.2-2.2 bar (only designed to be used with pressure rated vessels). The Sanitizer cup is designed to hold sanitizer so the tank stays sanitary through the fermenting process.
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • 1.5" TC Connection
  • Removable sanitizer cup
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning
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A spunding valve is a device that is used in the brewing of beer to control the fermentation process. It is a pressure-relief valve that is attached to the fermenter and allows brewers to control the pressure inside the fermenter by releasing excess CO2 gas. During fermentation, yeast produces CO2 gas as a byproduct, which can build up pressure inside the fermenter. If the pressure gets too high, it can cause the fermenter to burst or the beer to become overcarbonated. The spunding valve acts as a safety valve, releasing the excess CO2 and preventing these problems from occurring. Spunding valves are often used in conjunction with a pressure gauge, which allows the brewer to monitor the pressure inside the fermenter and adjust the spunding valve accordingly. They are particularly useful for brewers who are producing beers with high levels of carbonation or who are using fermentation methods that produce a lot of CO2 gas.