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IFM Automation Accessories Collection, a comprehensive range of high-quality products designed to enhance automation processes across various industries. This collection features a diverse selection of essential components, including temperature transmitters, flow meters, IO-Link masters with Profinet interface, cordsets, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, and conductivity sensors.

The IFM Automation Accessories Collection combines quality craftsmanship, advanced technology, and a wide range of options to meet the diverse needs of automation professionals. Enhance your automation systems with IFM's reliable, high-performance accessories for improved efficiency, accuracy, and control in your industrial processes.

TD2263 Temperature Transmitter 6mm x 250mm $330.50
SM9001 Magnetic-Inductive Flow Meter $1,098.00
E18058 Wirable Plug M12 IP68 $21.50
TD2233 Temperature Transmitter 6mm x 100mm $307.50
PI2796 Electronic Pressure Sensor $782.50
E33208 Process adapter Tri-Clamp $82.00
US0043 Flow Meter Adapters G2 x 2in TC $221.00
TS2451 Temperature Sensor PTFE Cable Style $167.50
TD2517 Temperature Transmitter G1/2 x 50mm $332.50
TD2293 Temperature Transmitter 6mm x 350mm $345.00
TD2273 Temperature Transmitter 6mm x 300mm $338.00
TD2253 Temperature Transmitter 6mm x 200mm $323.00
TD2247 Temperature Transmitter 6mm x 150mm $298.50
TD2243 Temperature Transmitter 6mm x 150mm $298.50
SM2001 Magnetic-Inductive Flow Meter $1,198.00
PV7604 Electronic Pressure Monitor $176.50
PI2896 Electronic Pressure Sensor $782.50
PI2798 Electronic Pressure Sensor $782.50
PI2204 Electronic Pressure Sensor $996.00
LDL100 Conductive Conductivity Sensor $708.00
KI6000 Capacitive Sensor M30x 1.5L/92mm $134.50
E43309 Welding Adapter for Pross Sensors $55.00
E33401 Process adapter Tri-Clamp $86.00
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