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  • 1.5" Tri Clamp

    Tri Clamp connections are also known as sanitary connections and are commonly used in the food and beverage industry. Tri-Clamps are designed to be cleaned in place (CIP), but can also be easily disassembled for further cleaning. Tri-Clamp connections are designed to be used with a gasket to create a leak proof seal between components.
    1.5" Spunding Valve $375.00
    E33208 Process adapter Tri-Clamp $82.00
    E33401 Process adapter Tri-Clamp $86.00
    Vorlauf Diverter Plate $45.00
    1.5" Tri-Clamp Check Valve $72.00
    Alfagomma T405LL Brew Hose Assembly from $315.98
    Alfagomma BrewT T422LH Hose Assembly from $376.23
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