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    Carb Stone, With Gasket and Nut, 300mm Stone


    Carbonation stones are typical used in fermenters and brite tanks to carbonate beer. The stone is made of high-quality stainless steel and has a porous design that efficiently dissolves CO2 into the beer. It is easy to clean and compatible with most brewing systems. Upgrade your brewery with our reliable and effective carbonation stone.

    Length: 300mm
    Pore Size: 1 micron

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    A carb stone, also known as a carbonation stone or diffusion stone, is a porous stone or metal device used in the brewing industry to introduce carbon dioxide (CO2) into beer or other beverages. It is typically made of stainless steel or sintered materials with tiny, precise pores.

    In a brewery setting, the carbonation stone is attached to a gas line connected to a CO2 source. It is often placed inside a fermentation vessel or a bright tank, which is a vessel used for secondary fermentation or conditioning of beer.

    The carbonation stone works by diffusing the CO2 gas into the liquid in a highly efficient manner. When the gas flows through the tiny pores of the stone, it breaks up into numerous small bubbles, creating a large surface area for contact with the beer. This increased surface area facilitates the absorption of CO2 into the liquid, resulting in carbonation.

    By using a carbonation stone, breweries can achieve more effective and uniform carbonation throughout the beer, which can reduce the overall CO2 usage. The stone helps minimize CO2 waste and allows for better control over carbonation levels, resulting in consistent carbonation across batches. This is particularly important for breweries aiming to maintain specific carbonation profiles for their beers.

    Additionally, carbonation stones are designed to minimize the introduction of oxygen during the carbonation process. This helps preserve the flavor and shelf life of the beer by preventing oxidation, which can negatively impact the taste and quality.

    Overall, carbonation stones are a valuable tool in a brewery setting, enabling brewers to efficiently carbonate their products while reducing CO2 usage and maintaining product quality.